On CyberCloning, Mindfiles and Becoming the US’s Most Highly Paid Female CEO

An extraordinary conversation with an extraordinary woman


At SxSW I had the fortune to hear Martine Rothblatt speak as one of the keynote speakers. What she does, how she thinks, what she has achieved, so inspired me … so I asked her for a one-on-one interview. I was so honoured she said yes.

Martine Rothblatt is author of ‘Virtually Human: The Promise – and the Peril – of Digital Immortality’. We spoke about cyber mind clones, helping people to live longer lives, how your social media footprint is creating the future you and how starting life as a man has impacted her success as a woman.

- Is what you reveal on social media a copy of your natural self?
- How does what you post on social reflect your values, thoughts and how well is it creating a digital you?