Keynote Speaker

Not willing to just ‘speak’, I’m a provocative thought-starter and idea-connector at-the-front of the room.

As MC and conference facilitator I synthesise the concepts presented by other speakers whilst still leaving ‘space’ for attendees to draw their own insights. I love the juicy conversations that happen amongst a panel of experts and the ‘light-bulb’ moments that occur when people learn through hearing others’ stories.

As a Keynote Speaker and break-out session speaker, I deliver contextually relevant, practical insights with sufficient flexibility for participants to ‘choose-their-own-adventure’ through open questions and facilitated discussions.

If a Keynote Speaker is what you’re looking for here’s a sample (only a sample) of topics


  • Driving a Smart, Connected City: why cities need to lead in the new digital economy
  • StartUp Myths vs Facts: What it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Austalia
  • Diversity & Leadership in a New World Economy: Why and how we need embrace diversity
  • Through the Looking Glass: what next when it comes to social and digital marketing?