Growing Your Digital Footprint

The oh-so talented Trevor Young, aka PR Warrior, recently interviewed me for his Reputation Revolution Podcast.

In the interview we discussed

  • The power of accidental authenticity.
  • Building a narrative for your personal brand.
  • Why edification in social media is critical.
  • How to be omnipresent on social channels.
  • Why Google+ rocks (for thought leaders).
  • Why industry conferences like SXSW can be a “brain-breaker” (that’s a good thing by the way)!
  • Which couple of social media platforms I would choose if I was forced to be exclusive to one (oh gosh, please don’t that ever be the case!!)

It was a juicy and interesting conversation … and I must say, quite delightful to ‘get present’ to a lot of the things I have done over the years (that’s where the accidental authenticity idea came in).