What Happened to Fusion?

In the last few days a new Fusion event has been announced. As the creator of Fusion events, many people have contacted me to ask ‘what’s happening’ and ‘am I involved’? So, I wanted to explain, in full,

What happened to Fusion?

When I joined TwoCents in 2012, one of the things I incorporated into the TwoCents mix was my Fusion events for women. Started in 2008, these luncheon events were designed to bring like-minded dynamic, savvy, funky and entrepreneurial women together to ‘spark ideas and fuel connections.’ And spark ideas and fuel connections they did.

When I took my role as CEO of HEARIS in March 2013, I pondered what to do with Fusion. In the end I decided to ‘gift’ it to TwoCents. My role and focus had changed, and I felt the team at TwoCents would be much better equipped and resourced to run events to support women in small business. It was a tough decision – there was a lot (and I mean a LOT) of me in Fusion … but by the time I left TwoCents there was also a lot of other people in Fusion too. And I wanted to give due respect to that space that I had created, and the women within it, to take it to the next level.

When I gifted it to TwoCents I asked to still be involved as MC or host as appropriate. The format has changed however, and there’s no the space for me in that kind of role. And, to be frank, there’s not really the space in my life for that kind of role in that context.

It is a delicious full-circle moment that this new, re-formatted, ‘sans-Cat’ Fusion event features and profiles the gorgeously successful Dominic Rizzo. You see, the very first Fusion Businesswomen’s Luncheons, way back in 2008, were hosted at Mondo Organics Restaurant (as it was then known). And of course, that’s a massive part of Dominic’s trajectory to gustatory success and fame. That I’m sure is accidental … as the TwoCents team wouldn’t have known that, nor made the connection. Synchronicities like that make me smile.

For those who’ve been concerned – the TwoCents team have my full blessings on taking on the Fusion name, spirit and events. Yes, it will be different, and they always do great stuff. And they’re one of the best full-service marketing agency servicing the SME market I know.

I have a couple of ‘new’ ideas up my sleeve to revisit the juicy conversations that I loved about those early Fusion events … and I’m plotting and scheming a new series of provoCATions when it comes to sparking the conversations that matter. Stay tuned … all good things happen when the time is right. Perfect actually.