Business Start-Up 101 (as taught through website design)

I’ve just spent the morning helping a friend with his new website. Well, that was the original agenda. What we really did;

  • clarify the purpose of the business
  • refine the target market of the business
  • identify the voice and look of the business
  • determine the business model for the business (how it’s going to make money)
  • started identifying priorities
  • determined a realistic launch timeline
  • determined business brand, personal brand, product and service sub-brands
  • identified cross-promotion opportunities to his existing business & networks
  • mapped out his content strategy
  • established tasks for moving forward, staying accountable and getting this thing ‘shipped’, not just an idea
  • found stock imagery to illustrate the new site
  • established the skeleton of the website
  • learned how to ‘do stuff’ in the web platform he’s using (squarepsace, it’s my new fave)
  • identified desired domain name; registered the next best available

He was well along in his thinking about what he wanted to do. And I know him well enough to make some assumptions about his strengths … and what he wants to do. So we were able to do this in a casual three hours. And I think the business has now moved from idea to something very tangible, very real. As he said, ‘this shit’s getting real’.

It’s one of the reasons I love website design – not because I can design (I can’t), but because, when you decide to build a website you HAVE TO answer all those questions above. Well, you should. And those questions are far more about your actual business than they are about your website.

Business start-up 101 – taught through website design.