Growing Your Digital Footprint

The oh-so talented Trevor Young, aka PR Warrior, recently interviewed me for his Reputation Revolution Podcast.

In the interview we discussed

  • The power of accidental authenticity.
  • Building a narrative for your personal brand.
  • Why edification in social media is critical.
  • How to be omnipresent on social channels.
  • Why Google+ rocks (for thought leaders).
  • Why industry conferences like SXSW can be a “brain-breaker” (that’s a good thing by the way)!
  • Which couple of social media platforms I would choose if I was forced to be exclusive to one (oh gosh, please don’t that ever be the case!!)

It was a juicy and interesting conversation … and I must say, quite delightful to ‘get present’ to a lot of the things I have done over the years (that’s where the accidental authenticity idea came in).


SxSW Highlights | The New Digital Age

Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, and Jared Cohen, Director
Google Ideas provided a provocative discussion on the impact of digital technology on the world, particularly developing nations.

In this video Suzi Dafnis and I discuss their presentation and the key implications not only for the world in general, but us as consumers of the internet.


It’s Not About The ‘User Numbers’ on Google+

When people try to quantify Google + user numbers (like number of eyeballs looking at a stream like Facebook) they are missing the point. And it’s a big point to miss.

Engagement (+ 1s, comments and shares) inform search results across all google properties. In a complicated algorithm that no one really understands.

So stop thinking about reach in terms of number of users in the ‘platform’, start thinking about reach in terms of how you want to be seen across the web. And maps. And YouTube. And mobile. Google is the number 1 search engine. YouTube number 2. And yeah, given Google itself describes G + as a social layer, not a social network(!) we seriously need to think about the implications of that network … Not just who’s viewing our content in-stream.