On CyberCloning, Mindfiles and Becoming the US’s Most Highly Paid Female CEO

An extraordinary conversation with an extraordinary woman


At SxSW I had the fortune to hear Martine Rothblatt speak as one of the keynote speakers. What she does, how she thinks, what she has achieved, so inspired me … so I asked her for a one-on-one interview. I was so honoured she said yes.

Martine Rothblatt is author of ‘Virtually Human: The Promise – and the Peril – of Digital Immortality’. We spoke about cyber mind clones, helping people to live longer lives, how your social media footprint is creating the future you and how starting life as a man has impacted her success as a woman.

- Is what you reveal on social media a copy of your natural self?
- How does what you post on social reflect your values, thoughts and how well is it creating a digital you?


Annabel Gurwitch

On ageing, being a woman and making an effort – my interview with author and comedian, Annabel Gurwitch



SxSW 2015 Wrap-Up – Intelligent Futures, Cyber Consciousness, Innovative Ideas and Brain-Breaking


After an incredible 5 days immersed in SxSW goodness, Suzi Dafnis & I took some time to try, and I do mean try, to sum up our overall ‘take-outs’ from this year’s event.


SxSW 2015 Day 5 Wrap Up – Google X, Progress through Failure and New World News



SxSW Day 4 Wrap-Up – Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Eric Ries, & Jonah Peretti of Buzfeed



SxSW 2015 – Day 3 Wrap Up – Big Thinkers & Breaking My Brain

One of the reasons I attend SxSW is to ‘break my brain’ … have my mind blow and expand my paradigms. This year, it all happend on day 3, with Malcolm Gladwell, Brian Grazer, Bill Gurley & Martine Rothblatt.


SxSW 2015 – Day 2 Wrap Up – Guy Kawasaki, StartUps in Oslo, Annabel Gurwitch & Steve Case




In this video Suzi Dafnis & I recap some of the highlights of Day 1 at South By South West (SxSW) interactive, the worlds largest new media conference, held in Austin, Texas, March 2015.


Branding a City

and leveraging the G20 Summit in Brisbane

At a recent Networx Event I had the pleasure of chairing a fantastic discussion about how Brisbane businesses can leverage events like the G20 Summit when they come to town. Here’s my wrap-up video … and they key insights I took away from the conversation.


Growing Your Digital Footprint

The oh-so talented Trevor Young, aka PR Warrior, recently interviewed me for his Reputation Revolution Podcast.

In the interview we discussed

  • The power of accidental authenticity.
  • Building a narrative for your personal brand.
  • Why edification in social media is critical.
  • How to be omnipresent on social channels.
  • Why Google+ rocks (for thought leaders).
  • Why industry conferences like SXSW can be a “brain-breaker” (that’s a good thing by the way)!
  • Which couple of social media platforms I would choose if I was forced to be exclusive to one (oh gosh, please don’t that ever be the case!!)

It was a juicy and interesting conversation … and I must say, quite delightful to ‘get present’ to a lot of the things I have done over the years (that’s where the accidental authenticity idea came in).