Digital & Interactive Media. Entrepreneurship (real entrepreneurship, not the entrepreneurship you do between when you don’t want to admit you’re unemployed). Start-Ups. Cities as the economic drivers of nations. Business Strategy. Speaking. Facilitating. Educating. They’re my ‘things’. Professionally.

Personally … confronting convention and societal rules that don’t work in a modern world. Australian Politics and the political system (it’s broken by the way. I don’t know how to fix it). Photography – DSLR & film, architecture, landscapes and the odd portrait. How technology is changing, enhancing or destroying social relationships. Juicy, robust conversations. Questioning heroes and gurus, looking for peers instead. Mental wellness and open conversations about the prevalence of mental un-wellness and *that* impact. Personal development through life experience. Red wines (Shiraz, Temperanillo, Grenache), White wines (Sauvignon Blanc), Coffee (machiatos, espressos & cheeky baristas). Dancing the night away. Yep, they’re my things too.